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Tales By A Few Good Marines

by Captain George W. Howe, USMC (retired)

The following is but one Tale By A Good Marine; the book contains 77 tales of drama and humor. Although this story is appropriate for all audiences, no collection of the true experiences, told in their own words, of Marines in war and peace could maintain a PG rating throughout.


A Clean Rip-Off

by Richard L. Kline 1st Sgt USMC (retired)

During the spring offensive of 1951, in the Korean War, Fox Company, 7th Marines, was assaulting a Chinese-occupied hill when one of our Marines lost his pack in the assault. Here is how it happened.

As we maneuvered close to the summit, we started to receive heavy automatic-weapon fire from deeply-entrenched Chinese positions. This fire was so intense that we were hugging the ground for what seemed like an eternity. After getting some of our tanks into position to fire directly into the positions of the Chinese, only then were we able to move. Looking to my left, I noticed bullets striking the immediate ground in front of this one Marine. Within a second bullets were ripping through the haversack he was carrying on his back, even though he was hugging the ground for dear life. It appeared that the bullets kept hitting at the haversack. This action made the haversack lift and spin. After the firing ceased, we saw that the pack had been ripped clean off the Marine's back without him getting a scratch.

It was a most unusual experience and remained a topic of conversation for a long time after the incident.